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" Optimized operation and full control "


→ Our VFD technology with low cost, Compact, Improved performance through advances in semiconductor switching devices, Drive topologies, Simulation and Control techniques, Control hardware and software.

→ Direct torque control is considered an excellent method to control motor speed and torque and enables optimal usage of the motor. Our drives are also offered with active front end technology. This enables low harmonic operation as well as regeneration capability for energy saving. The shaft power monitoring reacts if the operation should deviate from selected load levels.

→ We have wide range of VFD's for the applications of Motors, Cranes, crushers, centrifuges, extruders, conveyors, mills, mixers, winches, winders, test benches, pumps and fans, compressors, mills saws, extruders, Lift drives for AC or DC operations etc.

We have special purpose drives for Slip Ring Motor applications.

Soft Starts :

Our soft starters are often used motor smooth operation as a economical choice compared to VFD for the applications that require speed and torque control during motor starting by allowing the motor to start slowly and pick up speed without the typical inrush. Soft starters are ideal solution for


·  Energy Saving

·  Improved Production Efficiancy

·  Economical

·  Less Space

·  Reduces maintenance cost of Gears , Conveyors , Belt Driven Systems,Cranes , Hoists etc.

·  100% made in Coimbatore in India, we provide also 2 years warranty.

Advantages of soft starters Vs conventional starters

·       Fastest Payback period

·       Energy Cost Reduction (Peak Demand Charges)

·       Smooth Voltage or current is applied gradually, without the voltage and current transients.

·       Improved power factor at all load cycles and there by reduction in kVA

·       Reduced power surge

·       Reduced heating of the motors and improves operating efficiency

·       Increased life of Motor / starter contactors

·       Elimination of starting mechanical shock to rotor , couplings and gears,belt slip in conveyors.

·       Smooth acceleration without the torque transients

·       Easy adjustment of start performance to suit the specific motor and load.

·       Reliable performance even if load characteristics vary between starts (eg. loaded or unloaded starts).

Sample Case – Soft Starter Payback calculations


The power consumption varied in the range 25-90% of the rated motor capacity (100 kW). In view of varying load, it was suggested that soft starters could be installed to have smooth operating.

·       Average power consumption: 50 kW

·       Operating hours: 4000 hours/annum

·       Annual energy consumption by motor: 300,000 kWh/annum

·       Annual Energy saving (at least 5%): 10,000 kWh/annum

·       Power Tariff including taxes and surcharges: Rs 9/kWh

·       Monetary Saving: Rs. 90,000

·       Installation Cost: Rs. 140,000

·       Payback Period : with in 20 months

The savings of 5% is considered assuming 3 starts per operating hours or 12000 times in a year. The saving potential increases if the frequency of starts and stops of motors are higher.

Along with above payback additional benefits soft starters are the gains in equipment life, power factor, electrical stability etc. which is much more important. Softstarters ensures low mechanical maintenance / Production efficiancy.


With over 20 years of industry experience in the field of electrical and electronics we are providing consultation services for the design of electric utilities. We can provide you with the resources to support your workload. We have specialized electrical commissioning engineers, construction managers, procurement specialists, maintenance staff and support personnel are ours key to the success of fulfilling your requirements.