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Automatic Power Factor Correction Panels

Capacitor Type / Thyristor Type Upto 12 Stages

Most of the commercial and Industrial installations have large electrical loads which are severely inductive in nature, such as motors, large machines, air conditioners, drivers etc. Which results in a severely lagging power factor? This means loss and wastage of energy and heavy penalties by electricity boards. In case of fixed loads this can be taken care by manual switching of capacitors.

However in case of rapidly varying and scattered loads it becomes difficult to maintain a high power factor by manually switching on/off the capacitors in proportion to variation of load within an installation. This drawback is overcome by using an APFC panel (Automatic Power Factor Correction Panel) which not only maintains a high power factor but also eliminates the need for constant manual intervention.

Over 15 years our products are manufactured using superior quality raw material ensuring Maintenance Free and High durability, we specialist in Thyrister control / Capacitor control APFC panels. The Automatic Power Factor Correction Panels can easily maintain the frequent fluctuations in the EB Line Power Factor without any manual intervention requirements. Our APFC Panels are designed as per Customer's Load Capacity and Line Power Factor resulting Trusted Safety to Electrical Installation and highly efficient in minimizing the loss of electricity.