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→ We provide our innovative solution to meet the needs of demanding standards of customer by leveraging the technical competence inherent in the organization.

→ Your requirements is our top priority

→ Our innovation meets precision and accurate calibrations

→ Our competitive bidding

→ Utmost protection for your equipments

→ We offer a premium quality of calibration services which are used for measuring intruments.These services are offered with ulmost care of our technicians and engineers.Our lab has capability,expertise,equipment and relevant accerditations to undertake calibration for a wide range of intruments - Pressure,Temperature,Electrical,Mechanical,Dimensional etc.

→ The calibrations are done both at the laboratories and On Site Mobile Calibration at customer premises.

→ The industries served by the group include Automobile,Telecommunications,Marine,High Precision Manufacturing,Aerospace,Oil and Gas,Pharmaceutical,Defence,Medical etc.

Mechanical & Dimensional Laboratory

→ We calibrate Sound, Mass, Vibration, Torque, Speed, Force, Volumetric, Micrometers ( Inside & Outside)

→ Calipers, Height Gauges,Dial & Bore Guages,Plug & Ring Guages,Snap Guages,Measuring pins,Measuring Scales & Tapes,Bevel Protractors,Radius & Pitch Gauges, Test Seieves,Glass Scales,Profile Projectors,Surface Plates etc.

Thermal Laboratory

→ We calibrate PRT,RTD,Thermocouple,Temperature Guages,Data Loggers with Sensors,Temperature Indicators/Controllers with sensors,Glass Thermometers,Digital Thermometer with sensor,Temperature Transmitter,Hygrometer,IR Thermometer,IR Pyrometer,Portable furnaces,Oil bath & Water bath,Furnace mapping etc.

Electro Technical Laboratory

→ We calibrate measuring instruments such as Multimeters - 3 1/2 to 6 1/2 digits,Power Meters,Oscilloscopes,Clamp meters, Energy Meters,Micromilli Ohm Meters,Current probes,High Voltage Probes,Times & Time Interval meters,Watt Meters Amplifiers,Transfucers,Frequency Counters,ESD Tester,Clamp on meters,Power Analysers,Scope Corders,Differential Probes,Shunts,Meggers,Simulators etc.

RF Laboratory

We calibrate RF Intruments like Signal Generators,Spectrum Analysers,Network Analysers,Modulation Analysers,Power Meter with sensors,Frequncy counters etc.