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GMS Systems

We introduce ourselves having 18 years of experience in supplying Quality Electrical and Electronics Instruments and Products to fulfilling our valued customer requirements and special applications.

We are specialist in supplying:

All types of Thermocouple and RTD,Nickel Alloy Thermocouples E,J,K,M,N,T Platinum/Rhodium Thermcouples B,R,S Tungsten/Rhenium Thermocouple C,D,G and Thermocouple compensation cables

All types of Customised Electrical & Automation Control Panels

Surge Protection Devices for Electrical Switching Surges with providing excellent protection against electrical transients and High Quality Telephone Line,RFC,CCTV Video, Ethernet Surge Arresters

Supreme Quality of Maintenance free Best Quality Copper Rod Earthing Systems with Good Anti-corrosive properties

High Efficiency Durable Cost Effective ESE Type Lightning Arresters for protecting from damage by intercepting flashes of lightning Single item with coverage of 30 Mtrs to 107 Mtrs

High Quality Test and Measurement Instruments - Insulation Testers,Handheld Clamp Meters,Process calibraters,DSO’s,Thermal Imagers,IR Thermometers,Function Generators,Bench Multimeters,High Accuracy Micro Ohm Meter with 4 terminal kelvin clips for accurate measurement, True RMS Digital multimeters etc.

Automatic Power Factor Controller/Panel upto 12 Stages. Capacitor / Thyristor based PWM technology with Alarm Functions

APPLICATIONS : For Iron & Steel | Ceramic Plants | Glass | Power looms | Laboratories | Cement | Heat Treatment |Incinerators | Thermal Power Plant | Foundries | Refractory | Fertilizers | Petro Chemicals | Automobile| Ceramic | TMT Bars| Sponge Iron | Forging & Rolling Units| Cement Industries| Other Manufacturing Units also OEM applications