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→ The Bakiral ESE Lightning Protection System offering complete safety against direct or indirect devastations caused by lightening. Bakiral ESE Lighting arrester systems is safe and efficient system for the protection of your facility from direct lightning strikes.

→ Lightning can cause major problems for companies, factories, damaging high rise buildings and other costly electronics boards / electrical equipments.

→ Bakiral ESE Lightning arresters are manufactured by using finest grade components and ultra-modern machines in adherence to set industry norms.



  • » Superior Lighting Protection & Larger Area Coverage
  • » Resists multiple lightning strikes

→ Bakiral ESE Lightning arrester is designed and tested to French NFC17-102 and Spanish UNE-21186 Standards to suit specific site requirements.

Why Our Bakiral ESE Lightning Protection System?

  • » Wide range of coverage 250 Metres
  • » Tested by 100 KA External Lab Certified
  • » High Quality Anti Corresive Coating
  • » High Quality Conductive Coating
  • » Meets NFC 17-102 & UNE 21186 Standards
  • » Unique ESE Lightning arrester Tester
  • » Unique Lightning Counter 1-100 KA
  • » Certified CE , ISO 9001: 2008 ISO 14001: 2004, OHSAS 18001 : 2007
  • » 30 Years & Life Time Warranty
  • » Protects from Multiple Lightning strikes
  • » Customized solutions available
  • » Highly reliable even in extreme climates
  • » laboratory tested for handling high voltage

Suitable For

  • » Productions & Manufacturing Facilities
  • » Flammables and hazmat storage
  • » Towers
  • » Tall structures
  • » Power generation and distribution facilities
  • » Farm Lands

Working Principle of the Bakiral ESE Lightning Arrester

→ The principal operation of ESE Lightning arrester terminal is to create an upward propagating steamer earlier than conventional lightning rods or other objects on the earth by collecting and storing ground charge during the initial phase of thunderstorm development and emits strong and consistent upward steamers to intercept leaders.

→ An ESE Lightning Rod type lightning conductor connected to earth efficiently works by altering at its level , the equipotential which the structures of the building it protects. The emergence of the ESE lightning conductor is an important factor in increasing the local electric field.

→ The concept of earlier allows for a larger area coverage of protection to be provided by Bakiral ESE Lightning arresters in comparison to a conventional rod for a safe and efficient method of controlling dangerous lightning strikes.

ESE Lightning Protection System

  • » Model – BAKIRAL ALFA S/J
  • » Protection Radius - 107mtrs as per NFC 17-102
  • » Also available in Protection Radius of 125mtrs

Specifications :

ALFA S/J Δt 60µS 107
ALFA S/M Δt 60µS 107
ZUES Δt 60µS 107
RAIDEN-40 Δt 40µS 84
RAIDEN-20 Δt 20µS 58

Conventional Copper Lightning Arrester :

→ To protect a home or building in the event of lightning a metal conductor or rod is mounted on the top of the building and electrically connected to the earth through a wire is known as conventional lightning arrester (lightning conductor) or spike arrester. If lightning strikes it will preferentially strike the spike arrester, and be conducted harmlessly to ground through the wire, instead of passing through the building.


Lightning Strike Counter & ESE Lightning Arrester Tester :

→ Bakiral ESE Lightning Strike Counter is a Two -wire connection to any metal conductor for the detection of lightning induced voltage so conductor dimensions are unimportant. Bakiral ESE Lightning Strike Counter unit range of 0 to 999,999 events before automatically resetting. Suitable for either indoor or outdoor installation.

» 6 Digit Counter
» Range 1 KA to 100 KA
» Convenient Montage
» Can be tested in field by Bakiral Counter tester


» Bakiral Tester is produced to test with only Bakiral ESE Lightning arrester
» Bakiral Tester to test the functionality of Bakiral ESE Lightning arrester
» Convenient Usage to test ESE lightning rods in field itself.

Earthing Rods, Earth Bid Cover, Earth Enhancing Material

Specifications & Advantages :

  • » Mainly consist of Aluminum Silicate & Natural minerals.
  • » Reduces the soil resistivity.
  • » Helps in current dissipation
  • » It can absorb moisture upto 13 times its dry volume.
  • » Not depend on the continuous presence of water
  • » Resistivity of less than 0.1 Ω-m
  • » Least fluctuation of Ohmic values.
  • » It is a compound with high /fast discharge character compound
  • » It has hygroscopic to retain / maintain the moisture in rocky, stone and sandy area
  • » Suitable for installation in dry form or in a slurry form
  • » Retains moisture for a longer period.
  • » It can absorb moisture upto 13 times its dry volume.
  • » Maintenance free with no requirement of hydration or salt replacement
  • » Environmentally Neutral or we can say PH Neutral. It poses no negative impact on environment.
  • » The EBFC is water impermeable and pH neutral; it will not corrode copper conductors.
  • » No salts present in it and it will not contaminate the soil

Pure Copper & Copper Bonded Earthing Rods :

→ Earthing is essential and important for the safety of human lives and equipments Electrode contains a conductor rich crystalline mixture to protect the main earth electrode in the soil and facilitates the faster transfer of the fault current to the earth. Protection from Lightning, Short circuit, Leakage of current, Electrical shock, Current fluctuation, fault current, High voltage etc.

Advantages & Specifications :

  • » CPRI approved
  • » Strip in pipe technology
  • » Protection of conductor through GI casing and the crystalline mixture
  • » Advanced design
  • » Long service life
  • » Manufactured from custom made GI / Copper pipes to ensure maximum conductivity and longer service life.
S.N. Model No. DIMENSIONS (mm)
Outer Pipe Inner Pipe Terminal
1 ELE-250 2000 50 32 X 6
2 ELE-280 2000 80 50 X 6
3 ELE-350 3000 50 32 X 6
4 ELE-380 3000 80 50 X 6

HVSC Down Conductor Cable :

→ High Voltage Shielded Cable (HVSC) downconductor which is a high integrity low impedance cable. It is designed to convey lightning energy to ground with minimal risk of side flashing and structure electrification protects both personnel and sensitive electronic equipment from the devastating risks of a lightning strike. The design of the HVSC incorporates carefully selected dielectric components to ensure optimum performance under high impulses conditions; this designs a low inductance per unit length with low surge impedance.