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ESE Lightning Protection System ALLYWELL U.K (CPRI TESTED)

→ The Allywell ESE Lightning Protection System provides a safe and efficient system for the protection of your facility from direct lightning strikes.

→ Lightning can cause major problems for companies, factories, damaging high rise buildings and other electrical equipments.

→ The Allywell series include three models and accessories that are designed and tested to French NFC17-102 and Spanish UNE-21186 Standards to suit specific site requirements. The Allywell ESE Lightning Protection System is technically an advance lightning protection system. The distinctive features of the ESE Lightning Arrester allow ideal performance, stainless steel design suitable for most environment and cost effective installation.

Work Principles of the Allywell ESE Lightning Arrester

→ The Allywell Early Streamer Emission air terminal uses the naturally occurring field to complete the timely release of an upward streamer. This process provides for a safe and efficient method of controlling dangerous lightning energy at a preferred point.

→ As a thunder storm gathers overhead the ambient electrical field surrounding the Allywell ESE begins to rise in voltage. Upon the approach of a downconductor towards the protected area there is a rapid increase in the electric field which initiates the triggering of an upward streamer from the Allywell ESE terminal.

→ The concept of earlier allows for a larger or enhanced area of protection to be provided by the Allywell ESE in comparison to a conventional rod.

→ With the release of the upward streamer from the final tip earlier than other competing structural points, the Allywell ESE terminal becomes a preferred point for the capture of the lightning discharge of the lightning discharge within the protection area.