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High Temperature Thermocouples,RTD & Thermowell

  • → We specialize in supplying superior quality Thermocouples,MI Thermocouple,RTD,Thermowells with internally calibrated and we offer fast and personal service at lowest pricing.
  • → We are experienced over 25 years in Platinum Thermocouples as well as Cr-Al Thermocouples. Thermocouples are used to measure temperature in the Industrial Manufacturing Process. We follow strict quality standards.
  • → Our every Thermocouple has been high calibration standard and certified by third party calibration labs.
  • → We are providing internal calibration certificate for every Thermocouple without any extra charge.
  • → We are specialist for temperature measurement projects on turnkey basis for blast furnaces, rolling mills, sponge iron plants and steel and cement plants.

High Temperature Thermocouples :

  • → Steatite Ceramic Terminal Block with Nickel Plated Terminals
  • → Die cast Aluminium / S.S mounting head & adjustable flange
  • → Ceramic protection tube type KER 610 with 60 % , 80% AI2O3
  • → Holding tubes made of SS 304/SS316 of 32 mm , 25mm , 20mm dia are used to hold ceramic sheath with head.
  • → Type KER 710 – Recrystalised – High alumina tube with 99.9 % AI2O3 available in 24mm,20mm,15mm,10mm,8mm,6mm dia.
  • → Type ‘R’ (Pt RH 13 % -Pt) & Type ‘S’ (Pt Rh 10 % -Pt) Are used to measure temperature upto 1400 Degree C / 1600 Degree C
  • → Type ‘B’ (Pt Rh 6% - Pt Rh 30% or Pt 18) are temperature upto 1800 Degree C . Thermo element pair is protected by two or three ceramic sheaths of various types depending upon working Temperature and environmental conditions.Color monitor (800 x 600)


  • Low cost
  • Light weight
  • Built-in laser pointer
  • °C/°F switchable display
  • Target to distance ratio of 1:8
  • MAX, MIN temperature display
  • Auto 0.1 °C/1°C resolution switching

  • Portable Thermometers are available in different temperature ranges -30 to 400 Degree C,0 to 800 Degree C,0 to 1500 Degree C, 200to 1800 Degree C,600-3000 Degree C. Infrared Thermometer measure the surface temperature of an object. Its optics sense emitted, reflected and transmitted energy which is collected and focused on a detector. Its electronics translate information into a temperature reading which is displayed on the unit. Infrared thermometer for non- contact temperature measurement of an object. Just by pointing the thermometer on to the object and pressing a trigger, surface temperature of the object is instantly displayed on the LCD Panel.It can also compute max & min temperature reading of the surface. Built-in laser pointer helps to aim the target object

    Our products for Temperature measurement applications:

    RTD| Thermocouple| Digital Indicator| Scanners Controllers| Optical Pyrometer | Controllers| P.I.D. Controller| Portable Indicator| R Type Thermocouple| Flue Gas Analyzer| Compensating Cable | Laboratory Instruments| Resistance Thermo Detector| Data Logging System and Scanner|


  • For Iron & Steel | Ceramic Plants | Glass | Power looms | Laboratories | Cement | Heat Treatment |Incinerators | Thermal Power Plant | Foundries | Refractory | Fertilizers | Petro Chemicals | Other Manufacturing Units also for OEM applications
  • We have specially made thermocouple for

  • Heat Treatment,Glass Industries,Foundry,Chemical Industries,Automobiles,Marine,Petrochemicals,Ceramic,TMT Bars,Sponge Iron,Rolling Mills,Forging Units,Ferro Alloys,Cement Industries etc.