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Low Temperature Thermocouples,RTD & Thermowel


  • Resistance temperature detectors (RTDs), are sensors used to measure temperature by correlating the resistance of the RTD element with temperature.
  • We are dealing with best quality RTD’s for Log Term Stable, Highly accurate with internal test certificates for calibrated temperature measurements.

  • Thermocouple type ‘J’ (iron-constantan or Fe-K) for temperature Up to 800 Degree C.
  • Thermocouple type ‘K’ (Cromel Alumel or Cr Al or Ni cr – Ni) are temperature upto 1000 Degree / 1200 Degree C.
  • Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) types (PT 10,PT 50,PT100,PT200,PT1000 &CU53) to measure temperature from -400 Degree C to 600 Degree C.
  • All sensors available in metallic protection sheath & Thermowell made of SS304 ,SS 316,SS310,HRS 446 ,Inconel 600/800 with insulation by ceramic beads, hand filled mgo & MI


  • Available in 48 x96mm2, 72x72mm2, 96x96 mm2, 96x192 mm2 size.
  • Multichannel Temperature scanner with 8 channel, 16 channel,32 channel inputs with 2, 4 Relay outputs.
  • Digital ON-OFF , PID Type Temperature controllers with Single /Double set point having 5 Amp , 230V AC relay output.
  • Widest range of Single Multi channel , Linearised Temperature indicators with micro controller chip wit 0.5”, 1”,2” & 4” Display.
  • Separate display for Channel nos & Temperature, Auto – Manual button and RS485 / RS232 communication port.


  • Control Output: Servomotor ,On-Off Relay , 4-20mA.
  • Programmable profile controller with `6 segment Ramp-Sock program.
  • Alarm Output : Up to 2 Alarm 230VAC,3 Amps Relay
  • Fuzzy Logic PID Controllers with Universal Input (Thermocouple /RTD/4 to 20mA)
  • Size : 48x48 mm2,48x96 mm2, 96x48 mm2, 96x96 mm2.
  • Additional features: Remote set point , Retransmission output, Serial Communication RS485/RS232.

  • Instrumentation & Compensating Cable

  • Heavy duty, rugged and easily available.
  • Single pair to multi pair armored/unarmored cable
  • Conductor Size : 3/24 SWG , 3/26 SWG , 7/36,14/36 SWG etc.
  • Insulation : PVC/PVC,Fiber glass /FG/SS(Shielded) ,
  • FG/FG/Asbestose, Teflon, Silicon Rubber, TRS etc.