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→ Solar power is the conversion of sunlight into electricity by directly using photo voltaics (PV) which convert light into electric current as the cost of solar electricity is falling; solar power is also increasingly being used to power small and medium-sized applications

→ Solar cells produce direct current (DC) power which fluctuates with the sunlight's intensity. For practical use this usually requires conversion to certain desired voltages or alternating current (AC), through the use of solar drives.

→ We proud to release our first solar drive with 100 % Indian engineered design after rigorous research and development. It is compatible with a wide choice of pumps and solar arrays available in India.

→ Suitable for all types of submersible / mono - block pumps or solar arrays

→ Compatible with any 3 phase asynchronous motors

→ Automatic regulation of water flow according to low sun light intensity

→ Optimum output for power availability

→ Reasonable pricing, Good service life with excellent service support

→ Easy to install, User friendly with maintenance free solar drives

→ Clear Display to view current voltage and speed

→ Safety features Dry Run, Low Voltage, Over Load Trip

→ The cost of installation is almost the only cost, as there is very little maintenance required.

→ The International Conference on Solar Photovoltaic Investments, organized by EPIA, has estimated that PV systems will pay back their investors in 8 to 12 years.

→ Our Solar Photovoltaic Panels are 25 years life time and our Solar Drives will work effectively on lower sunlights.We are specialist in supplying quality Solar Drive capable of heavy duty applications and longer life with local supports.